Prior to joining Ahavat Olam as Administrator, Kim began her working career as a legal assistant at various law firms in the Miami area until 1981, when she began working for Marlene K. Silverman, a shareholder in the litigation department of the international law firm of Greenberg Traurig.  Kim worked with several different attorneys during her 25 year career at Greenberg Traurig.  She served as the Case Manager for the Trustee of the Estate of Eastern Airlines involving the environmental clean up at all locations where Eastern had a hub.   The last several years of her employment with Greenberg Traurig, she was the firm's National Conflict Review Coordinator, a position which included the formation of the department, supervision of 2 -5 staff members, training of the staff to review the conflict inquiries received from the potential addition of either individual or entire firms of attorneys and from the firm's shareholders, senior associates and associates during the normal course of business, performing searches through Legal Key, Hoover, Dun & Bradstreet Family Tree Finder and other databases, analyzing the result of the searches for relevancy.

Kim has five children: Bethany Jolly (Doug),  Robyn Prater (William), Brandi Dayao (Blenn), Nicole Peterson (Shane) and Charles Green (Monica) and is the very proud grandmother of 10 grandchildren:  Rebecca & Michael Jolly,  Anthony Dispenza & Terrah Prater, Jillian & James Peterson, Emma Jo, Collin Jakob & Delanie Jae Dayao, and Kenneth Cash Green.